“Startup Selling: Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci”


Startup Selling: Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci” is the only podcast produced for startup CEOs. We discuss startup selling strategies from a practical and tactical viewpoint.

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Startup Selling: Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci

Episode 34: What is Customer Success and Why is it Important?: An interview with John Roberts

John Roberts founded Successly in 2016, a company dedicated to helping Customer Success teams make a big impact. John recently ...
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Episode 33: The Right Way to Set up your Partnership, Reseller & Affiliate Strategy: An Interview with Jen Spencer

About Allbound: Problem & Solution Definitions: Channel Partners vs Referral Partners vs Co-Marketing Partner vs Reseller vs Affiliates Listen to ...
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Episode 32: The Cardinal Rules of Cold Emailing with Damian Thompson

This episode of the Startup Selling Podcast focuses on cold email strategies and best practices when hiring and developing an ...
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Episode 31: What’s Your Box of Awesome? An Interview with Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and business strategist. He’s been a successful entrepreneur, a failure, and a ...
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Episode 30: Predictable Prospecting: Target, Engage & Optimize Your Sales Funnel, and Why Introverts are the Best SalesPeople: An Interview with Marylou Tyler

Marylou Tyler is the author of Predictable Revenue and Predictable Prospecting. She has worked with a number of co-authors and ...
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A few startup selling topics we’ve covered:

  • Setting up sales meetings and executing a sales plan at an industry conference.
  • Prospecting on LinkedIn.
  • How to successfully prepare for a sales meeting and product demo.
  • Vetting out true prospects versus those that’ll just waste your time.
  • Identifying stages of the sales and advances in the sales process.
  • Tips for following up with your prospects after a sales call or in-person meeting.
  • Using implementation and technical integrations plans as part of your sales process.

Every podcast includes show notes and links to reference material so you can grow your learning about sales and selling.

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