Ep.16: The 10 Day Sales Call Challenge


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In this episode, Scott and Robert discuss the 10-Day Sales Call Challenge, a short, focused project to help build familiarity towards the sales process and understanding how to develop metrics for success. Key areas we cover are:

  • What is a 10 Day Sales Call Challenge, and how to be ready to do the challenge.
  • The things to do to keep up with 10 calls a day, and creating familiarity towards a sales opportunity.
  • How to make that first contact with a prospect and suggestions to find worthwhile channels.
  • How to create metrics of success, the biggest piece of learning Scott has made and things to really stress on.

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We hope you enjoy the podcast and would greatly appreciate feedback! Any suggestions on future topics you would like to hear covered and/or podcast guests you’d like to hear would be great! Enjoy!

Podcast Notes

02:00 – What is the 10 Day Sales Call Challenge?

03:30 – How to be ready and able to do the 10-day challenge.

08:10 – What are you doing to keep that pipeline filled or to keep up with 10 calls a day.

11:55 – How to make that first contact with a prospect to go into the whole 10 calls.

17:05 – Try and create familiarity towards a sales opportunity.

21:00 – How much better of a response you have in an InMail message versus just doing straight cold calling.

24:05 – What are some other you know avenues, some other portals you would use to try and yourself out there, try and find some more of these prospects for your 10 days sales calls challenge.

28:40 – Suggestions to finding good and worthwhile channels, and how to create metrics of success.

33:05 – What is the biggest piece of learning that you have made so far?

36:10 – Things to really stress on.

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