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What do trekking poles have to do with startup selling?

By Scott Sambucci | March 20, 2019

I did a 50k trail race this weekend.  I know… I know… It’s just what I do… My wife tells that these races are my way of expressing myself. Some people choose watercolors. I choose to cover long distances via self-propulsion. Anyway, on to the story and how it relates to startup selling… My gear […]


Why Your Q4 Selling Starts Now

By Scott Sambucci | March 15, 2019

If I was leading sales at an enterprise/B2b startup, there’s one thing I’d be hammering to my team this month –– Q4 starts now. (BTW… I did an entire podcast episode on this topic. You can listen on Spotify, iTunes, or directly from SalesQualia.com.) Sure, you’ve got late-stage deals to convert right now, and you’ve […]


Episode 37: How to Add Video to Your Sales Arsenal – An Interview with Stacy McKenzie

By Scott Sambucci | December 28, 2017

This episode of the Startup Selling Podcast focuses on how video affects the sales process. We talk about how to use video effectively to prospect, educate your customers, and how to build an “Authority Voice” in your chosen marketplace. Stacy McKenzie is the Director of Lucid Studios at Lucid VR where they are developing the […]


From Startup Selling workshop attendees & clients

By Scott Sambucci | June 1, 2017

Kari Thor Runarsson, CEO & Co-founder of Authenteq Malin Weiss, CMO at Speedment:     Isaac Szymanczyk, Principal and Creative Director at Conveyor: From my clients…   I’m happy to share we got a big win on Thursday that I think in part came from a change we are making to discussing scope and contracts! […]

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