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The Monday AM Sales Challenge: Be Positive [3/7/16]

By Scott Sambucci | March 7, 2016

It’s easy to lament on losses and negative events. My challenge to you this week is to be positive. Focus on the wins. Focus on what you’ve learned. Focus on decisions you made (and haven’t made!) that turned out to be right. Here’s a simple strategy… Grab a blank sheet of paper, and divide it […]


10 Sales Email Strategies & Tips

By Scott Sambucci | August 3, 2015

Is anything more frustrating than sending a follow up to a prospective customer only to get nothing back in reply? Use these ten tips for sending emails to your customers and I guarantee you’ll get more replies and more follow up meetings, and close more deals. 1. Always end your email with a question. Examples: […]


1 Group Dynamics & The Purchasing Committee

By Scott Sambucci | April 19, 2013

Your Product Champion assured you that the budget is there along with the appetite to unseat the existing software that is your primary competitor. You reviewed the ease of product implementation with the Technical Buyer. The User Buyers successfully used the trial version for three months, leading to more than $1.5 million in cost savings. […]


Control your sales environment or face jail time

By Scott Sambucci | July 3, 2012

When you’re blasting through your daily calls, it’s impossible to know the psychological state of everyone you’re calling. For me, I’m often calling into trading desks on Wall Street and deep into the bureaucratic morass of the big banks. But… when you can control this state, you should. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman […]