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1 Stop doing product demos

By Scott Sambucci | March 26, 2015

This week, I responded to an outbound sales email from a software company focusing on customer success. The last line of the rep’s email was: I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you for a few minutes. When would be a good time to call? I replied: let’s chat. I can do Wed 2:30-4pm […]


Hooray! I got a D!

By Scott Sambucci | October 10, 2013

Last night, I sent out an cold “InMail” yesterday to a “D” contact and got a reply. My first reply from a D. We’re setting up a time next week to talk. (Reminder: “Ds” are cold contacts – people I’ve never met before – in my classification system for customer development contacts.)  Sidenote: That’s the second reply […]


Eating my own dog food

By Scott Sambucci | October 8, 2013

I failed. I teach clients to set daily goals when I’m teaching clients how to manage their selling days. Yesterday, I set a goal to call ten (10) contacts for a customer development and sales project we’ve undertaken for a new client. Yesterday’s score: 10 planned calls 8 outbound calls 2 conversations 1 call back […]


Sales Tip of the Day: Check out SalesBuzz

By Scott Sambucci | June 12, 2012

Definitely worth taking. With Altos Research, I required our sales team take this eight-week course (along with myself). Really, really, really good stuff. Michael Pedone knows what he’s doing. Check out the free webinar he’s posted here. That is all.