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The Friday Four #6: Trish Bertuzzi, a conference tip, prospecting & David Cummings

By Scott Sambucci | March 3, 2016

Installment #6 – Here we go… 1 – The Startup Selling podcast interview with Trish Bertuzzi LOTS of learning with Trish on the podcast, covering the topic of sales development & prospecting. Trish is the founder of The Bridge Group and absolutely knows her stuff. Trish shared specific questions to identify if a customer is […]


Monday AM Sales Challenge: Can you be vulnerable? Can you ask for help? [2/22/16]

By Scott Sambucci | February 22, 2016

Over the past year, I read a couple of books by Brene Brown and Amanda Palmer – “Daring Greatly” and “The Art of Asking,” respectively. The both have excellent TED talks if you want the 20-minute primer… Brene Brown, “The power of vulnerability.” Amanda Palmer, “The art of asking.” One of the most challenging aspects […]


Episode #1: Startup Selling with Conference Escorts

By Scott Sambucci | April 13, 2015

http://traffic.libsyn.com/salesqualia/Salescast_1-Startup-Selling-Conference-Escorts.mp3 This SalesCast is brought to you by, well, SalesQualia. Check out the Startup Selling Program, a 90-day program focused on finding customers, growing revenue and building your sales process. We discuss how to set meetings at a conference, executing on those meetings, and following afterwards. Throughout the conversation, we talk about lots and lots […]


My two cents: “10 things LinkedIn won’t tell you”

By Scott Sambucci | February 12, 2015

A friend forwarded an article to me last night – “10 things LinkedIn won’t tell you” – and having spent considerable time over the past year both using LinkedIn and leading workshops on how to use LinkedIn, I have a few thoughts… (Hint: I disagree with most of the article…) 1. LinkedIn is a “jobs site” […]