Member Page – The Go Farther Boardroom: Recordings (2017)

Boardroom Call 11/20/2017

Great job checking in on the mid-month Boardroom Call.

Today we worked on three projects with the teams:
Project 1: Moving from Pilot to Paid Pilot/Early Implementation with a Target Account

Project 2: Moving Late-Stage Sales Opportunities to Paid Customers

Project 3: Testing a Self-Serve Sales process for a SaaS Product

Comments: The Startup Selling Un-Stucking Yourself Worksheet:

Boardroom Call 11/6/2017

Today’s Projects:

05:00 – Sales Project #1: Building a Q4 Sales Initiative

28:00 – Sales Project #2: Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

45:00 – Sales Project #3: Developing an Authority Voice/Content Selling Initiative


Boardroom Call 10/17/2017


Nice work by Justin at Growbot and Stephen at Octane for hopping on today’s Boardroom Call to get “unstuck” on their sales projects.

Today’s projects:

1. Leveraging Strategy Calls/Quarterly Business Reviews with CEOs are target accounts

2. Building a Live Event to do “one-to-many” sales to attendees in the room

** We walked through the The Startup Selling “Unstucking” Yourself Worksheet.

3. Setting up a Partnership Strategy

Just a quick conversation for what to think about when setting up Partnership Agreements for your company.


 Mid-Month: 8/22/2017: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting

Call Summary:

1:04 What are your projects and do you need help?

5:00 Unstucking Yourself Worksheet Overview

7:00 Where Everyone Is With Their Projects

9:55 Defining Where We Are Stuck and Next Steps

Mid-Month: 7/17/2017: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting

Project Discussed: Outbound Sales: Documenting Your Sales Process for
Outreach to Conference Leads

Key Takeaways:
– ALWAYS celebrate progress and success.
– Start with a sketch/paper/hard copy draft, then document electronically
– Flowchart/Mind-Mapping software is useful
– Give yourself a timeline to start


Unstucking Yourself Worksheet

Mid-Month: 6/19/2017: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting

 password: startupselling


Great job to the team from Kanopi Studios, Speedment and SmartPlants for hopping on today’s call.

We tackled three projects for these teams to get them “unstuck” and to keep the momentum:

  • Conference Selling for Speedment
  • Webinar/Content Selling Event for Kanopi
  • Winning a Factory Tour event for SmartPlants.

Check out the recording to watch how we used a simple process to work through these key project and identify next steps:

  • Project: Identify the project and outcome
  • Progress: Measure what’s been accomplished so far
  • Stuck: Zero in on where and why you’re stuck
  • Next: What needs to happen next in the project?
  • 3-5 Activities/Tasks: What are 3-5 simple, small steps you can take to keep or get your project on track?


Beginning of the Month: 6/5/2017: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting

Password: startupselling


Great job this morning! Teams built out their June Sales Projects on:
  1. Post-Conference Lead Conversion to generate new leads and conversions from a recent Industry Conference.
  2. Conference Call Event to generate new leads from a Contact List
  3. Client Strategy Calls to identify Referral & Up-sell Opportunities
If you missed the call, no worries! Watch the recording and walk through the process to identify and build your Sales Project for this month. Then let me know how I can best help!


Mid-Month: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting: 5/15/2017

Watch the REPLAY here on Dropbox

We tackled two Sales Projects from the teams at ZaneRay and PromoRepublic. Nice job Penny & Max.

Project 1: Implementing a Prospecting Plan of Action

You got your list built. You’ve gotten help from the team. You want to start your outbound outreach. Now what?

Project 2: Implementing a Smooth-Running Sales process
Your Sales Map is in place, now you need a documented process for keeping all of the tasks in place, and communicating with your sales team.  This includes daily, weekly and monthly schedules and updates from the team, and for the team, to make sure everyone is 100% clear on your company’s sales priorities.

Beginning of the Month: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting: 5/1/2017

Watch the REPLAY here on Dropbox

Awesome job by Malin and Mike in joining today’s call. In this month’s Boardroom Project Planning Session, we helped Malin and Mike build their sales projects.

Malin is building out a Live Event Lead Conversion Playbook – How to leverage live event speaking opportunities developing with a key Partner.

Mike is building out a Pitch Repeatability Playbook – The presentation and follow through for live “Pitch Events” that the company is getting invited to.


Beginning of the Month: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting: 4/3/2017

Watch the REPLAY here on Dropbox

We are off and running with April and Q2 2017.

Today we worked through three (3) Sales Projects as examples:

1) Building a Prospecting List
2) Building a Conference Selling Strategy
3) Organizing an Outbound Marketing Campaign

For each we took the following steps:

Step 1: Established Projects & Scope
Step 2: Identified Best & Worst Outcomes, and Success Criteria
Step 3: Built the Tasks List for each Project
Step 4: Organized & Grouped Tasks
Step 5: Booked Work Sprints to get to work

If you missed it and need some help creating and organizing your April Sales Project, check out the recording.


Mid-Month: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting: 3/20/2017

Watch the REPLAY here on Dropbox

Hey folks! Super Boardroom call. We analyzed two projects in flight
for Luminate Health and Speedment.

If you’re finding yourself stuck on your own Sales Projects, give it a
watch and walk through the same process yourself.

Hop on this week’s Sales Acceleration calls if you want some help.


Beginning of the Month: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting: 3/6/2017

Watch the REPLAY here on Dropbox

Great job this morning with Boardroom! This was our Monthly Planning Call – the chance to prepare your focus for this month.

Missed it? No worries! Check out the recording and go through the Project Planning Exercise on your own.

It takes about 30 minutes, and here’s what you want to accomplish:

  1. Pick your “Sales Project” for the month
  2. Identify the Best & Worst Outcomes, and your Success Criteria
  3. Build out a Task List for yourself and your team
  4. Organize the tasks
  5. Schedule 30-60 minutes “Work Sprints” into your calendar for the next 3-4 weeks so that you give yourself the time to focus and complete your monthly project.


Mid-Month: Boardroom Monthly Planning Meeting: 2/23/2017

Watch the REPLAY here on Dropbox

Super duper call today! We worked through a couple of case examples of how to work through sticky points in key sales projects.

If you missed it, not to worry! Here’s what to do…
  1. Be ready with the Sales Project on which you’re focusing right now
  2. Watch the Replay
  3. Work through the “Unstucking Yourself” process, by identifying your NEXT STEP and 3-5 ACTION ITEMS.


Mid-Month: February 2017 Monthly Planning Meeting: 2/16/2017

Watch the REPLAY here on Dropbox

We kicked off the February Boardroom this morning! Great job to everyone that attended. The goal of the session was for each team to:

  1. Choose a Sales Project to focus on this month
  2. Scope the work involved by tasks, including the people and timing to complete this month
  3. Plan its completion by scheduling “work sprints” for yourself and your team through the month.


Mid-Month: The Inaugural 2017 Boardroom Kick-Off Call: 1/16/2017

Watch the REPLAY here on Dropbox

This is the inaugural session of the Startup Selling Go Farther Boardroom. In this call, we introduced ourselves and our teams, reviewed the key tenets of Boardroom and did a group exercise to set up our first “Sales Project.”

Teams were given their first homework assignment to complete before our next Boardroom meeting:

  1. Host a Sprint Planning Meeting
  2. What’s One Project you want to complete THIS MONTH?
  3. Build & Assign Tasks
  4. Schedule Daily Work Sessions & Standups