Livestream Archive: December 2015

Updated 12/31/15

  • Thinking through the ideas, thoughts, lessons and accomplishments from this past year.
  • Here’s the short list: congruence, doing video, “inside out marketing,” personal routines, sticking to a schedule, benefits of coaching, everything is a process, the importance of customer development.
  • Thank you to the people that helped me this year, especially: Jeff Turner, Byron Davis, Taki Moore, and Krisstina Wise. And of course my completing awesome wife, without whom I would not be able to do any of this.
  • Finishing the day early today to shut down for a couple of days.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 12/30/15

  • Back into the flow. Packing a week’s worth of work into one day.
  • Tips for dealing with holiday travel – dividing the day into sections. Overcoming fear and uncertainty.
  • Focusing on now now and worrying about later later.
  • Sales calls, marketing plans, building the team.
  • Saying no to a potential client.
  • Dreamers & Doers – Women’s entrepreneurship group.
  • Book recommendation: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Updated 12/28/15

  • Less sleep last night, purposely, after four free days going back to Christmas Eve.
  • Personal projects: Sorted through four years of family pictures in Dropbox. Approaching first draft status for my race report on the recent North Face 50-mile Endurance Event. Working through “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus.”
  • Keeping to my workout/exercise rhythm. More deadlifts. More kettlebell. More pull-ups.
  • Work projects: Clearing my inbox. Set my top three priorities for the week. Planning for the first two weeks of January. Contact with Startup Selling members.
  • Salad for breakfast. Salad for lunch.
  • Dinner tonight with family friends.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 12/23/15

  • Sleep. Lots of sleep this morning after traveling yesterday.
  • Christmas came early – basking in yesterday’s traveling karma.
  • Pretty full slate of calls in the afternoon – client strategy call, marketing candidate interview (I’m hiring! Job posting here if you’re interested or know someone!), book project strategy call, Sales Acceleration Call for Startup Selling members.
  • Working through my client projects and outcomes for 2016.
  • One more livestream today – the last of the week before a self-imposed Christmas break.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 12/21/15

  • Early morning. Awake at 3:30am. Used the time to organize the day, then catch a 4:45am Amtrak to SF.
  • Wrote a Quora post while working from the San Francisco Ferry Building – one of my favorite places to work and write. Today’s post suggested a few books to read for an aspiring strategic account manager.
  • Meetings at two accelerator programs based in SF – Fast Forward and Highway1. Talked about mentoring, workshops, and how I can help their member companies in 2016.
  • Calls in between said meetings – one with a client, one with a marketing candidate to join me here at SalesQualia, and one with a potential client for the Startup Selling program.
  • One more call in the afternoon with a potential client, then off to the Amtrak station to head home.
  • I’m way behind on email today… Just in case I owe you something…

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 12/18/15

  • Morning = sleep, meditation, a six mile run, and family time. Then to the office for a utility day – knocking down a few small open projects and to-dos before the short week ahead.
  • Spent a few minutes on Twitter and seeing some activity around the livestreams and posts I’ve been making to date. Same with the Quora answers I posted this week. But trying to avoid getting sucked into the social media vortex.
  • Supposed to finish final grades for my class @ Hult. Some technical issues are pushing this to Monday.
  • Pushing out updates to my Startup Selling clients for the week – new content, holiday schedule for our weekly calls.
  • Random things: Christmas gift decisions and purchases (thank you for existing Amazon Prime!), deciding on my next endurance race/challenge, pre-packing for Christmas travel, deciding on my personal projects during the Christmas break (i.e. book to read, personal blog posts, etc.)

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 12/17/15

  • Do my morning pages & meditation. Been writing morning pages for nearly two years now, mediating for the past year.
  • Up and out of the house early. Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It’s off to work I go…
  • Answered a question on Quora – “What three things would you change about your sales process?
  • Trying to get our website home page mess straightened out. Grrrrr….
  • Turned the Quora answer into a video blog post.
  • Startup Selling Strategy Call late morning with a client.
  • Livestream at lunch.
  • Startup Selling Sales Acceleration Call in the afternoon.
  • Book project launch meeting with my publisher this afternoon.
  • Send out the team weekly email. (I use the format suggested by David Cummings.)
  • SalesQualia Christmas Party tonight. Woohoo!

Today’s Live Stream:

Updated 12/16/15

Today’s Live Stream:

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(Many thanks to Tim Ferriss and Derek Sivers for their podcast interview in which Derek talked about the NowNowNow movement.)