Sales Metrics

Make the LEAPS You Want For Your Startup’s Sales Growth
Track the RIGHT Daily Sales Metrics

How does the SalesQualia LEAPS Sales Activity Tracker work?

  • Track the RIGHT Daily Metrics so that you know where to improve your outreach.
  • Daily Tracking so that you can identify your Sales Funnel conversion rates.
  • Identify gaps & opportunities to improve your sales work EVERY DAY..

The L.E.A.P.S. Guarantee™

I GUARANTEE that if you track your L.E.A.P.S. EVERY DAY using this Sales Activity Tracker, you will:

  1. Generate More Leads.,
  2. Book More High-Quality Meetings.
  3. Fill Your Sales Funnel.
  4. Advance Your Deals through Your Sales Pipeline Faster.
  5. Grow & Scale Your Sales.

Now What?

Let’s get started!
There's probably more I could include, but at this point, you should be pumped, locked, loaded and ready to engage.
It's an honor system in tracking your numbers, and bad karma's a bitch. 😉 There are no prizes – except for new leads, a bigger pipeline and more revenue. (Which sounds pretty epic to me...)

To get rolling:

Download your copy of the SalesQualia LEAPS Sales Activity Tracker Guide..
Print a personal copy of the Logar Sales Activity Tracker (link in the guide)
Block time on your calendar to hit your daily targets
Get to work.

Let’s do this!
-Scott & The SalesQualia Team