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Updated 1/21/16

  • A full day in San Francisco with current and future customers
  • Pushing through a heavy week
  • Refining my message and process
  • Getting to a decision with prospective customers
  • Following up on speaking gigs

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/8/16

  • Two customer development calls with experienced technology sales executives/startup CEOs.
  • Two client sales strategy calls to help them in the tactical part of their current sales projects.
  • Reviewing the week’s work, and identifying my chosen path forward for content development and marketing.
  • Day 8 of my 31-day run challenge

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/7/16

  • Paring down to that one thing that matters most with my business.  I think it’s going to be video.
  • Two articles worth reading: “2016: Go All In” by Derek Halpern and “Audit Where Time is Spent” by David Cummings.
  • Day 7 of my 31-day run challenge
  • Knocking off my ten sales calls. Mostly focusing on follow ups with incubators and accelerators I’ve met with over the past two months.
  • Recorded a Startup Selling podcast episode this morning.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/6/16

  • Hosting two weekly coaching calls for Startup Selling clients. One early AM for East Coasters & Europe. One late afternoon for everyone else.
  • Couple of sales calls. Call with marketing consultant to help me set up live events & workshops in Jan & Feb.
  • Seeing the fruits of yesterday’s labor re: setting up customer development calls: 11 outreaches via LinkedIn,
  • Day 6 of my 31 day run challenge
  • More time at home the next few days with my wife traveling.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/5/16

  • Engaging with Startup Selling clients to see what their priorities are for the week so I can be sure to help them where I can.
  • Competing with myself and my expectations. Working through a little mental burnout after pushing hard yesterday, then arising early today.
  • Self-regulating by taking a break to go for a run and eating well – lots of fruit today.
  • Plowing through my ten sales calls, and asking for time from startup founders & CEOs for customer development interviews.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 1/4/16

  • Posting on Quora as part of my new marketing calendar. Today’s post here re: enterprise software startups & using resellers and partners.
  • Starting my 10-day sales call challenge: 10 sales calls per day for 10 days = 100 sales calls.
  • Two calls with potential clients. Nice to have these set up from hustling over the holiday weeks.
  • Day 4 of my 31-consecutive-day-run challenge. Getting back to fitness. Prepping for the racing year ahead.

Today’s Livestream:

Updated 12/31/15

  • Thinking through the ideas, thoughts, lessons and accomplishments from this past year.
  • Here’s the short list: congruence, doing video, “inside out marketing,” personal routines, sticking to a schedule, benefits of coaching, everything is a process, the importance of customer development.
  • Thank you to the people that helped me this year, especially: Jeff Turner, Byron Davis, Taki Moore, and Krisstina Wise. And of course my completing awesome wife, without whom I would not be able to do any of this.
  • Finishing the day early today to shut down for a couple of days.

Today’s Livestream:



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(Many thanks to Tim Ferriss and Derek Sivers for their podcast interview in which Derek talked about the NowNowNow movement.)