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From the 2/26/16 Weekly Sales Acceleration Call:
  • Setting up meetings at a conference and networking event
  • Twitter advertisement hacks
  • Setting up a group on LinkedIn
  • Using publication editors and marketing managers
  • Becoming friends with the conference expo organizers.

From the 12/18/15 Sales Acceleration Call:
  • Having a plan going into an industry event
  • Ideas for getting the registration list
  • Exchange and barter volunteer time to conference organizers in exchange for a conference pass and list access.
  • Using previous years’ conferences and speaker lists


Episode #1Startup Selling with Conference Escorts –

In this episode, Scott and Robert discuss the world of business conferences and how to make better use of your time than sitting at your booth scanning the badges of attendees who care more about your free giveaways than your product. Some key topics and practical strategies we discuss are:

  • The concept of a “conference escort” and what this person does for startup founders and entrepreneurs at live events.
  • Techniques for using LinkedIn and how the right research can help you send more effective InMails and appointment requests.
  • Using “customer development” to your advantage to landing meetings with executives.
  • Breaking down the stages of conference meeting development – pre-conference, at the conference, and after the conference.
  • Defining a quality meeting with four (4) success metrics.
  • Roles & casting for meetings. How to position each person on your side in a meeting based on person you’re meeting.

Episode #2Being a Connector –

In this episode, Scott (sitting in the lobby of a Marriot at a conference and probably looking slightly crazy for talking to himself) discusses the importance of making yourself a good connection for other people and how building this image of a “Good Connector” can benefit your company. Key areas covered:

  • Discussing with a prospect their customer problems, market issues, and connections versus focusing on selling your own product.
  • Build connections with new and interesting people/companies in your market by simply picking up the phone.
  • A bad prospect for your company can still be a good connection for better prospects.
  • Finding a balance between selling and learning.
  • Creating the image of being a good connection.

Episode #3How to Prepare for Your First meeting with a Prospective Client –

In this episode, Scott and Robert discuss different methods to prepare for your first call/meeting with a prospective client and the ways in which you can help keep the momentum moving forward before the meeting takes place. Some key areas discussed are:

  • The hazards of getting a meeting on the books and not engaging with the prospect before hand.
  • A checklist of actions to complete before the big meeting and how to utilize the prospect’s assistant.
  • What to do when you aren’t able to get the prospect on the phone ahead of time and how to leave voice mails and emails that are more likely to get a response.
  • How to script out how you would like the meeting to go and creating opportunities for conversation and questions.
  • The importance of doing proper research on all attendees for the meeting and how contacting them ahead of time can create more champions for your product.