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Unplanned Meeting Attendees and Keeping Clients Focused During a Demo

Prepping for “The Big Meeting”

Great Demo! Training Primer:

Startup Selling Podcast: Product Demos the Right Way, & Avoiding the “IKEA Demo:” An Interview with Peter Cohan

Great Demo! Part 1:

Great Demo! Presentation Slides

Situation Slides and Menu – April 12, 2016

Great Demo! Part 2:

Great Demo! Presentation Slides

The Big Meeting, Part 4:

Summary Notes:

– This is a 30-minute training session. The first few minutes talked about general market ideas before we dove into the content around five minutes into the call.
– Reviewed the Mindful Meal “Situation Slide” and critiqued to strengthen it.
– Discussed how to use the Situation Slide even if you’re selling a non-software product such as food, hardware, and consulting services.
– Scott gave a summary of “The Big Meeting & Big Demo” Training sequence, along with a tour of the recordings and resources available on the Startup Selling Member site.



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