Sales Masterclass:
Plan = People & Process
Build Your Startup's Scalable Sales Process
Learn EXACTLY What To Do To Grow & Scale Your B2B Startup’s Sales in 2022

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  • ASSESS your B2b startup’s sales process right now to identify relative strengths & gaps.
  • BUILD a step-by-step plan for building a repeatable, scalable sales process for your B2B startup in the next 12 months.
  • MAP OUT your sales team hiring plan-of-action – which roles to hire, when to hire them, and how to think about comp plans.
Please watch the WHOLE video to ensure you understand who this event is for and that it's the right fit for you based on your current stage of growth.
If you want to grow your startups’ revenue by at least $1MM in the next 12 months, this event is for you!!

Predictable, Repeatable, Scalable Sales for Your B2B Startup

In this Sales Masterclass, you will learn the critical selling systems that EVERY growth-stage B2B/enterprise startup MUST build and implement to achieve PREDICTABLE, REPEATABLE, SCALABLE growth.

Why is this important right now?

You would think that after all the planning, energy, passion and effort you’ve poured into your startup...

... That getting people to buy your awesome product would be a whole lot easier.

But, that’s just not the case (as you might have figured out by now).

Prospects that you have to painstakingly push through the sales process every step of the way…

Chasing them with 4 or 5 or 6 (or 20) follow ups between each response…

The grind of an ad hoc sales process – one that relies on a constant surge of exertion from you every day, only to have a handful of customers convert at prices and ACVs way lower than you deserve.

Running demo after demo with more stakeholders than you can count, only to finish each call with the dreaded –

“This is great! We’ll get back to you…”


“Can you send me your deck so I can run it up the flagpole?”

Not to mention the endless feature requests, integrations and customizations that you hardly recognize your awesome product anymore…

… This isn’t the path to scale your startup.

Not when everyone in your life seems to be asking—or at least wondering—when the next batch of revenue or funding is gonna come in – your investors, your team, your partner, and even yourself.

You can’t be a startup forever.

You want to jump to the next stage of your growth where you have a well-oiled sales machine working for you every day....

Predictability. Repeatability. Scalability.

A sales process where you know exactly WHAT to do next with every prospect to move them from “lead” to “I just signed the contract – we can’t wait to get started!”

Where you know exactly WHEN each prospect will close and exactly WHERE to find more of them.

So that you can hand over this system to your sales team and know how to lead them, know how to train them, know how to manage them, and know precisely what results to expect from them every week.

But the problem is that you’re a startup trying to sell to bigger companies that have never heard of you.

You’ve already figured that out that you don’t fire off a few cold emails and talk a prospect into buying a $100,000 piece of software…

So what’s missing?

Sales is a Process.

Here’s the thing.

Whether your endgame is to have a life-changing 8 or 9 figure exit…

Or leading your company for life and to grow it as big as you possible, acquiring other companies and becoming a household name...

Or to be able to tell your kids that YOU’RE the person behind that gadget they can’t live without, that machine that’s in every hospital, that tech that’s a part of every purchase they make…

Or simply enjoying the entrepreneur lifestyle of staying small, but powerful, saying “no, thanks” to additional investors, retaining control of your company, learning to sell like crazy while staying lean and stress-free...

Whatever that may be…

To see the global impact you started this company to make –

Building a PREDICTABLE, REPEATABLE & SCALABLE sales system is KEY to getting you there.

Because when you focus on building a sales system like this, you start to see incredible results.

"If you don’t have a process for selling, you’ll be at the mercy of your buyer’s process for buying.” – David Sandler.

Every scalable startup is simply an organized set of processes working together.

Engineering is a process. Product Development is a process. Capital-raising is a process. Hiring and managing your team is a process.

Sales is no different.

Most of all, when you have YOUR sales process working, you’ll get the CLARITY, CONTROL and CONFIDENCE you need to make the IMPACT with your company for your customers.

What You’ll Learn

In this Sales Masterclass, you will learn:
  • The 9 Sales Accelerators that every growth-stage startup needs to build and implement to establish a predictable, repeatable, scalable sales process.
  • Tactical strategies for running your Outbound campaigns so that you can generate more qualified leads and fill your sales funnel every week.
  • How to run every product demo and handle every request for proposal so that you are always in control and never get ghosted again.
  • How to establish a value-based selling strategy so that you can always charge the price you deserve to charge for the impact you make for your customers.
  • How and when to hire your sales team – SDRs, Account Executives, Customer Success – so that you can scale your startup.
By the time we wrap up the day, you will know EXACTLY where to focus in the next 6 weeks, Q1 2022 and how to achieve scalable growth for your startup for the next 12, 24 and 36 months.

What Your Peers Are Saying About
What’s You’ll Learn In This Plan = People & Process Webinar

"We followed the "perfect demo" formula to a T. We had them so excited for our product that the head of payment ops at one point asked if they could use this for all business payments (international and domestic) and then later commented that she was "doing her happy dance" because she was so excited for our solution. We then clicked through 5 screens in the demo in less than 10 minutes. Her only comment was how great our platform was and how much easier it would be for both her team and their customers. Can't thank you guys enough for all the help. We are SOOOOOOOOOO CLOSE!"

– Jon Dobson, CEO @ PayRecs

"I recently attended one of Scott Sambucci's workshops. I don't like "#sales", but I also recognize that if I'm not able to convince organizations to engage with my firm, we won't be around for long. So after due diligence to make sure Scott was for real, I registered and attended. I had a great time #learning not just from Scott, but also from the other attendees as well as the different #expert guest speakers Scott brought to the event. As a result of attending, I was able to gain a whole new perspective of this function - It's #outreach and #problemsolving in #partnership with the client rather than high pressure sales, and I do that all day long already! But I also left with numerous #tools to help me approach the task.

So I only hesitated to join this upcoming class as long as it took to make sure my #schedule was clear.

If you fit the group Scott's looking for, and you've not heard him talk before, you won't be sorry you took the time to attend.

And no, he's not paying me to say any of this. Of course I am getting into the class for #free, but so is everyone.”

– Troy Turner, Mesquite Road

“We got some great news this morning. We sold our first US outbound prospecting service to an existing UK client this morning. So in 6 weeks I’m looking forward to putting this new discovery call learning into practice!”

– Johnny Watson, Quiddity Health

“Just signed our first paying US customers. Expected revenue is ~$66,500. We’re skipping pilot and going right to a 3 year paid contract!”

– Michael Maylahn, Stasis‌ ‌Labs‌

“I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the session yesterday. It exceeded my expectations…”

– Aurangzeb Agha, CEO @ Metrical

“Just closed a deal for $75,000 that was originally slated to be $50,000!! Closed another $182,000 today using your models, needs and solutions framework.”

– Anne Stefanyk, CEO @Kanopi Studios (#2822, 2020 Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies)

“This sales process got our prospects to stop seeing our software as a commodity, and instead as a solution to help them become more productive.”

– Jordan Knox, Co-founder @ (acquired by

“You got our teams’ brains working in the right direction. We came out with some really solid action items from it… “

– Anita Ramachandran, Executive Director, MicroMentor at Mercy Corps

“Scott changed our selling mindset mid-year and because of him, we’ll hit this year’s sales target – a 400% over last year!“

– Harry van der Veen, CEO/Founder @ NUITEQ

If you don’t attend...

With all of what’s been #2021, you’re looking at your startup’s sales pipeline thinking –

“If we convert a few of these deals, we can still make something big happen this year… “

You survived the shutdown. Work from home was tough but manageable. You pushed through the summer months. You kept grinding to generate leads and build the pipeline over the last six months.

So now you’ve got a choice.

You can keep sending out the “just checking emails” that never get a reply.

You can wait around for that mid-level manager to get back to you after they "run your proposal by the team…”

You can offer discounts thinking they make a difference for your prospect.


You book meetings with the real decision-makers at your target accounts.

You can show your prospects why they should work with you. Now. This year.

You can take control of your sales process.

In this Sales Mastercllass, I’ll show you how to organize, prioritize and activate your sales process starting NOW – and set yourself and your company up to make 2022 what we call a “Jump Year.”

3 things we’ll do together –

1. Identify the 9 Sales Accelerators that you need to build and implement in the next 12 months at your startup.

2. Learn tactical strategies for running your outbound campaigns, product demos and pricing conversations so that you can increase your conversion rate and raise your prices.

3. Build a personalized action plan and hiring plan so you can get to work ASAP building a predictable, repeatable, scalable sales process for your startup.


Be sure to register here so that we can email you the workbook we'll use in the session.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

My 3 Rules

  • Rule #1: None of us is smarter than all of us

Everyone attending is a peer – a startup founder, CEO or sales leader. Every one of us is out there everyday hustling and working hard. Every one of us has faced challenges and discovered opportunities to try something new.

Yes, I’ll be teaching the core frameworks and models and leading the conversation throughout the day, but the collective intelligence, experience and exchange of ideas from you to the group is where the most important learning can happen for you.

None of us is smarter than all of us.

  • Rule #2: it’s always everyone’s turn.

This is a workshop format. I’m running this as a Zoom meeting (not a webinar…) because you’ll be learning from me, then immediately implementing on your own and in breakout groups with your peers. I expect questions, interaction and for everyone attending to help each other.

Your experience is everyone’s experience. Your question is everyone’s question. Your success is everyone’s success. If you’ve got a question, suggestion or ideas, jump in and share it.

It’s always everyone’s turn

  • Rule #3: The 100% Model

You’ll get 100% of my 50%. I’ll give you everything I’ve got in the time that we have. But for you to get the results this workshop can get you, you have to give 100% of YOUR 50%.

You’ll clear your schedule. You’ll attend for the entire day. You’ll show up on time and I’ll be sure to wrap us up on time.

You’ll actively participate in the chat and the breakout rooms.

You’ll have your camera on throughout the day.

Give 100% of your 50%.

This Masterclass is exclusively for...

  • You must be a growth-stage B2B startup CEO, Founder or sales leader.
  • You must be a B2B/enterprise tech startup, with a minimum of $10k MRR, and want to grow by at least $1-3MM ARR in the next 12-18 months.
  • You must be dedicated to sales, and care about getting your customers results.
  • You must be ambitious and want to grow revenue immediately.
  • You must be friendly, coachable, willing to implement new ideas and willing to share openly with the rest of the group throughout the day.

This Masterclass is NOT for you if...

  • If you’re a sales rep, account managers or individual contributor...
  • If you’re looking "get" without giving...
  • If you like to show everyone how you’re the smartest person in the room...
  • If you’re planning to pop in and out just to catch a few ideas...
  • If you’re registering just so that you can request the recording later (and no, we won’t be sharing the recording)...

If you’re any one of these, then this isn’t for you...

*** We will be reviewing all registration requests and require that you meet these criteria. ***

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