Would you like to work with the Most Innovative Tech Startups across the world?

Our signature coaching program – Startup Selling™ – teaches the core elements of creating a solid business foundation and sales model, including the Strategic, Tactical, and Operational components of their sales process.

Our clients are a select group of exceptional, energetic, and inspiring individuals committed to growing their companies, and most importantly, making an impact in their chosen marketplace. We are honored to help them build the company they imagine.

Our company’s mission is to help 100 enterprise startups hit $10mm ARR in the next 10 years. We blend world-class coaching with access to hundreds of hours of content through our exclusive members site. We also embrace the power of peer support and are building an awesome online community of current clients and alumni through our private community group.

We are fortunate enough to work with some of the most innovative and fast-growing startups around the world, spanning five continents. Industries include EdTech, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Media, and Manufacturing. Closer to home in the US, we work with companies based in startup hubs like Silicon Valley, Portland, Seattle, and Boston.

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Scott Sambucci is the company founder and a 25-year sales and startup veteran, leading three B2b startups each to their first millions in revenue. He’s authored three books, including “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling” which was a #1 new release on Amazon in 2019, and has been a keynote speaker at startup events and workshops across the world.

Since launching the Startup Selling Program™ in 2015, we have helped hundreds of startups grow and scale their companies.



Startups are essentially working in 'dog years' - they are trying to consolidate 7 years of progress to just 1 year, and it is insane and overwhelming.


How do we deliver and over-deliver to our clients every day? How do we over-deliver to prospects? Are we being proactive and making decisions internally that improve efficiency?


Showing independence and ownership to make decisions and find the answers.


'Get money' - We cannot provide clients with a world-class coaching program if we don't have the resources. "A business without money is a hobby".


Taking 100% ownership over your decisions and actions. If something goes wrong that you are responsible for, no matter what happened you should admit fault - by admitting fault you get to fix it. If you blame others you are not in control. Same for wins and good results - if you played a part you get to be proud and say you are awesome!

Current Open Positions