Daily Dose: Feeling a Little Uneasy & Uncertain? It’s not just you…

Daily Dose: Feeling a Little Uneasy & Uncertain? It’s not just you…

By Scott Sambucci | April 29, 2022

I scrapped the snazzy sales framework I had ready to go because…

I’ve got something else that’s more important – it’s about what’s going on out there.

Unease. Uncertainty. Anxiety. Seems everyone’s feeling it.

Maybe not everyone. Maybe everything is honky-dory & hockey stick in your world – I hope that’s the case. I want that for every company founder.

But if it’s not all puppy dogs and rainbows, know that it’s not just you.

I’ve been talking to our clients all over the world – startup CEOs, investors, program directors.

They’re all sharing that everything’s just.. a… lit…tle… bit… slower… I’m guessing you are, too.

Your customers & prospects are feeling it, because their customers & prospects are feeling it.

Big company earnings reports and headlines sharply negative – Netflix. Facebook. Alphabet. Spotify. Job cuts at Wells Fargo, Novartis, Robinhood, and Blend.

Ukraine. Recessions. The threat of nuclear war.

Your team is feeling it. 

Higher gas prices. Higher prices everywhere. Tax season is expensive, and summer camps are next. Summer trips to Disneyland are becoming camping trips and stay-cations. That bigger house is on hold because of mortgage rates & home prices. 

You’re feeling it, too. I know because I see it on Zoom. I hear it on phone calls. We’re all just a little tired and frustrated.

All of us pushed and persevered through the last two years, and here we are, again, facing yet another test of our mettle as founders. As leaders. As colleagues. As partners and parents.

Coming out of 2021, there was a sense of justified optimism –promise for the year ahead.  While COVID persisted, it seemed the worst was behind us and this would be the breakout year we’ve been preparing for. Kids were back in school. We figured out the WFH thing.

Except that it hasn’t.

So now what the f&ck do we do?

Now we remember what we did for the past two years.  We use that experience to be a leader. To stay composed and in control. We lead.

We lead our customers. We lead our prospects. We lead our teams. We lead our family. We lead our Self.

If you’d like some help, I’d like to offer a hand –  

I’m running a private LIVE Session for our coaching clients coming up, and you’re invited – even if you’re not a client. Especially if you’re not a client.

We’re going to dive deep into every company’s sales process – from Lead Gen to Active Deals to Pricing & CS.  

We’re going to identify specific risks and gaps, then build a plan-of-action for the next 3, 6 & 12 months for getting more leads, closing more deals, keeping more customers, and hiring the right team around us.

If you’d like to join, check out the details at https://salesqualia.com/roadmap/ 

Because this is a client event that we’re opening up to non-clients, we have limited spots (like less than 10…). Our clients are a tight group that are always willing to share and help, but I’ve also got to put them first. 

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