Build Your 2H-2022 Sales Plan (11:00 am PT)

Build Your 2H-2022 Sales Plan (11:00 am PT)

In this LIVE Training, Scott Sambucci will teach you FIVE (5) core selling systems that every growth-stage MUST implement RIGHT NOW to scale sales and nail their 2022 revenue targets.

But the challenge that every startup faces in selling to the enterprise includes long deal cycles, legions of decision-makers, and “hot” prospects who ghost just when you thought they were ready to sign…

Scott will also show you the primary Sales Funnel Metrics & Benchmarks to track and hit as part of a repeatable, scalable sales process, including…

– ACV Price Increases
– Pipeline Conversion Rates
– Time-to-Close Benchmarks
– Monthly Lead Generation Rates
– Weekly Meeting Booking & Outbound Reply Rates

With long deal cycles, multiple decision-makers and heavy competition from Do–Nothing-it is, every growth stage B2B startups MUST implement these strategies and track ASAP.

Because if you don’t you’ll spend the rest of the year chasing down and catching up your Monthly, Quarterly & EOY revenue targets.

By the time you finish this LIVE Session, you will know EXACTLY how to achieve scalable growth for your startup this year and where to focus yourself and your team in the next 6 weeks.

Let’s do this, shall we?