Client & Workshop Testimonials

Of course I’ll tell you that I’m awesome and you’ll love working with me. That’s easy. So instead of the blah-blah marketing, here’s what my customers have said:

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photo jonJon Bischke, CEO & Co-Founder at Entelo – a company that allows recruiters to search for the best software engineers and designers across the social web.

“We’ve been working with Scott since 2012. He helps our sales team close more deals faster by identifying key strategies to improve our sales performance as we target larger and larger enterprises.”


arthur photoArthur Bart-Williams, Co-Founder & CEO at Canogle – a mobile platform company that enables companies and organizations to increase user engagement through targeted content distribution.

“The most important part in working with Scott was realizing that there is a process and methodology to sales and customer development. Then by measuring development with metrics, we identified lessons to be learned – it was a continuous improvement loop over time.
“The most challenging part of the sales process is moving people through the pipeline – identifying that there are stages to the sale and what it takes to move prospects to the next stage, and Scott helped us learn about our customers and sales process every step of the way.”

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photo pat whitePatrick White, Founder & CEO at Synata – an enterprise search company that enables companies to search all of their cloud platforms at once.

“Scott is instrumental in developing our enterprise sales process by teaching us how to navigate through target prospects and developing sales experiments to optimize our process.”

photo Justin

Justin Mares, Director of Revenue – Exceptional Cloud Services, the company behind, and RedisToGo (recently acquired by Rackspace).

“We were recently acquired by Rackspace and our sales performance was really strong leading up to the acquisition. A lot of that was thanks to the stuff that I implemented from Scott’s book and our conversation, so thanks again!”

From the fans the Lean Startup Workshops:

“Very practical Quickstart for a non-salesperson to do lead discovery and conversion. I’d previously read Solution Selling to overcome a feeling that I’m an engineer not a salesperson, but found the book too theoretical to help. This workshop was a hit-the-ground-running introduction where I left feeling that I can do sales. Highly recommend it.” – Riaz Rizvi, Principal at Kickstart Platforms

“I really enjoyed the sales workshop and learning how to approach the sales process for a lean startup. That process can be quite daunting at times, however Scott made some great, insightful points that makes it a lot more manageable. Scott’s experience with Sales brought a lot of great examples that were invaluable to hear. Thank you!” – Will Hunt, Marketing & Business Development at Canogle

“Intelligent, kind, informative and organized.” – Kalara Schuster, VP Sales & Marketing at MindSwarms

From Lean Startup Conference 2012 “Engineering Your Sales Process” Workshop:

 “@MichalAntkiew: @leanstartup @scottsambucci @skmurphy Great workshop! Now I see how all pieces fit together.”

“@leanstartup @scottsambucci @skmurphy Great workshop! Now I see how all pieces fit together.”

“This was pretty comprehensive and very useful workshop”

“Very good”

“The basics were so helpful. I liked the format”

“Sales is a conversation. If you’re not getting questions, there’s probably not interest. Let it go.” @scottsambucci @skmurphy @LeanStartup”

“More things that drive you crazy? “Lean startup being used by entrepreneurs as an excuse to not take sales/mkg seriously” @a16z #LeanStartup”