Can you do it? 50 sales calls in 5 days

Can you do it? 50 sales calls in 5 days

By Scott Sambucci | October 7, 2015

50 sales calls in 5 days.

I bet you can’t do it. They don’t even need to be phone calls. Try using InMails or personalized emails.

My results this week so far? Shameful.

Sunday: 8
Monday: 8
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: TBD

AND THIS IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING! I teach startups how to build their sales process and I’m not getting to my ten sales calls a day. So embarrassing.

Selling is hard. It’s painful. Picking up the phone is different than saying – “we’ll just sell to product managers” or “we just need to get in touch with IT directors” or “once we get a conversation with the VP of marketing, we’ll be able to sell to them pretty quickly.”

Like every CEO, I get busy working on product. And marketing. And recruiting. And finances. And managing the company. Days ticks away like minutes. Hours tick away like seconds. I get tired, I get frustrated, I get lazy.

If I get tired and frustrated and lazy, I know that you do too. It’s okay. Selling requires time and focus and concentration.

You probably have ideas about the companies you think your company should target, and you probably have ideas about the people at those companies that you think are buyers.

And your ideas are probably wrong. That’s exactly why you need to start selling today. Right now.

Check your January forecast. What were your revenue expectations for the year? Are you on plan? Why are you falling short?

Maybe deep down inside you know you could be wrong about your market and your product and your business model. Or worse, you’re so confident in your ideas that you have unknown unknowns just waiting to blow you up.

And I bet this is why you’re not hitting your sales goals.

When you sell, you learn stuff that you can never, ever learn building product or raising capital or tweaking code.

Selling reveals the unknown unknowns – gaps in your product and gaps in your value proposition. It reveals that your customer has a buying process that doesn’t match your sales process.

So start selling. Today. Right now. Pick up the phone. Make one call, and then another, and then another. See if you can get to ten by the end of the day, no matter what.

Heck, you might not even have 50 people on a list right now that you can call.

You probably have a pile of business cards from a recent conference. You probably have a few emails buried in your Sent folders that need you to try again. Start there. Whatever you do, just start.

Ok… gotta run. I’ve got ten sales calls to make…

(If you want a little help, check out Startup Selling. I built it just for you.)

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