💲“How do I fill the funnel for my B2B startup?”

💲“How do I fill the funnel for my B2B startup?”

By Scott Sambucci | January 3, 2022

Yep – that is a question lots of startups are asking themselves every day…

Most founders have been told to “do outreach” and “book as many demos as you can…”

The problem with that approach is that it’s all about us – what WE want as sellers. It IGNORES what prospects want, and deserve to get, from us.

It also implies that lead generation is a task or activity that we do. Instead, filling the sales funnel should be a SYSTEM in every sales process.

Whether a startup is trying to land its first 10 customers, hit the magic $1MM ARR mark, or its scaling to $3MM, $10MM, and beyond, the systems need to be built on 3 key principles–

1️⃣ Identifying an ICP – Knowing whom we help and how we can help them get to the outcome they want. When we try to everyone, we end up selling to no one.

2️⃣ Make it a 24/7 Operation – Lead generation and prospecting isn’t a “when I have time” thing.

3️⃣ Filling the funnel shouldn’t be a task or an activity. Having a Funnel Filler Strategy means that we’ve got a SYSTEM in place that runs for our company, even when we’re running to the next meeting or running to put out the next fire.

Give Value – If the approach to booking demos is sending a barrage of cold emails to every prospect asking them if they want to book a demo, we’re doing it all wrong.

Most startups are selling a product that no one’s heard about, and worse, that our prospects have never bought before. They don’t care that it uses AI or it’s built on the blockchain. Heck, they probably don’t even know what either of things are…

It’s our job in EVERY outreach, EVERY interaction with our prospects to give value.

Think: Information–Education–Separation


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